A mysterious book by Anonymous….

Right, there I was on a hot July afternoon, hunched over my laptop searching Amazon for anything that might apply to “Duke of Ireland”. I was becoming desperate, and had already searched every word combination that came to mind. And what turns up? A mystery book entitled The Queen’s Progress , written by the author with the most prodigious backlist of all, Anonymous. My, that person has written a LOT!

Unfortunately, Amazon provides no information whatsoever, except the price: £19.95 Hardback, £14.65 Paperback. The only trouble is….what the heck is this tome about? Which queen? Where did she progress? Is it fiction or non-fiction…?

They do provide a view of the back cover….which also tells you nothing about the actual content. See below. So, I still have no idea who/what it’s about.

No adventurer seems to have been daring enough to buy it, because there isn’t a rating or comment, so I guess the lack of information was a very effective deterrent!

Very helpful, right?



  1. Oo, how mysterious. Reminds me of myself as a kid looking around for interesting and obscure items in the library. Though I’m still a youngin who hasn’t lived outside this century, so I would still be doing that now, if I had any libraries nearby 😛

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  2. Anyway, I did a search for ‘Wentworth Press’, the publisher of this book. On the website Book Depository, I found over a million results. Each book has the exact same cover artwork, and the exact same text on the back. The only thing that differs for each is the title, and the authors. From the few I’ve seen, most of the authors seem to be from the 1800s.

    The books all seem to be reprintings of texts (some of which are old, like the ‘Edda’). Some seem to be in French or German. Some have pretty awesome titles like: “Blue and Red Light : Or, Light and Its Rays as Medicine; Showing That Light is the Original and Sole Source of Life, as It is the Source of All the Physical and Vital Forces in Nature; and That Light is Nature’s Own and Only Remedy for Disease…”

    ‘The Queen’s Progress’ might have something about Ireland in it, but I don’t think it necessarily does. This is because I found a fair amount of books by this same publisher that are on the subject of Ireland in some way. For example: “Selections from Ancient Irish Poetry”, “The History Of The County Of Mayo To The Close Of The Sixteenth Century”, “The Wonders of Ireland and Other Papers on Irish Subjects” and “The Economic Case for Irish Independence”. So ‘The Queen’s Progress’ might just have come up due to having the same publisher as books about Ireland.

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