Richard III university team now find a Roman mosaic….


“….This undated photo issued on Thursday Nov. 25, 2021 by the University of Leicester Archaeological Services shows a Roman mosaic unique to Britain and depicting one of the most famous battles of the Trojan War. Nearly a decade on from uncovering the remains of King Richard III under a car park near Leicester Cathedral, the university’s archaeological team have unearthed a Roman mosaic featuring the great Greek hero of Achilles in battle….”

The above extract is from Let’s hope that this time they really did find it…not someone else whose name they somehow forget.

So, to learn more about who actually did find it, read about farmer’s son Jim Irvine at this site He it was who first found “bits of pottery, oyster shells, and what [he subsequently learned] to be orange Roman roof tiles” on his father’s farm. He looked at the site on Google Earth, noticed a crop mark no one had observed before, and first took a spade to the site to investigate.

So, once again, Leicester uni definitely came late on the scene!


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