An interesting magazine I missed….


When the remains of Richard III were sought and then discovered, A magazine entitled Current Archaeology covered it prominently on a number of occasions:

“….Current Archaeology reported on the unfolding story in detail, with no fewer than three ‘cover’ features, in CA 272, CA 277, and CA 294 (November 2012, April 2013, and September 2014), alongside many other mentions, most recently in CA 303 (June 2015), when Richard III was reburied, amid appropriate ceremony and grandeur, in Leicester Cathedral….”

I confess to having missed this publication completely, and wish I hadn’t. If anyone can obtain past copies, it will probably be well worth reading.


  1. As far as concerns the discovery of Richard III’s grave, this magazine’s stance should come with a health warning attached. The editor cosied up to the University of Leicester, retrospectively joined their campaign of dismissing the Looking For Richard Project as amateurs of only incidental relevance, and tried to give every impression that he was involved. Which of course he never was. I remember he caused great concern verging on distress to Dr John Ashdown-Hill, and I seem to remember the Project wrote him a letter of remonstrance.


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