The Vinland Map is proven to be a hoax….!


“….Scholars at Yale University have just completed a comprehensive analysis of the  Vinland Map , a cartographic representation of the northeastern North American coast that was supposedly created in the 15th century. Using the latest high-tech methods to examine the ink used to draw its markings, the Yale experts have conclusively proven the Vinland Map to be a hoax. It was manufactured by unknown parties in far more recent times, using a type of ink that was first produced in the 1920s….”

Oh, no. So much for all the excitement and speculation about Columbus having been well and truly preceded by others, to wit the Vikings. Such a possibility stirred us into even more admiration for the Norsemen’s ability as sailors (and fighters too, of course, as many, including the British Isles, discovered to their cost). But it’s just another thrilling treasure that is not so thrilling after all. Shame!

The article you’ll find here will tell you how the Yale experts were able to sniff out all the telltale signs that seem to have been well hidden from the world until now.

Piltdown Man lives., alongside that famous photograph of Nessie.

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  1. The article seems to suggest that since the Vinland map is a hoax, the Norse discovery of the Americas is in doubt? The Norse settlement at L’Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland is well established archaeological evidence of the presence of Vikings on the continent long before the 15th century voyages.


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