What did Leicester Greyfriars look like….?


Greyfriars, Leicester, from https://www.storyofleicester.info/faith-belief/grey-friars/

I have come upon this site which tells of forthcoming new attractions at Leicester’s museums. From it I have taken the following extract:

“….The city’s King Richard III Visitor Centre is also in line for investment, with a new immersive experience forming part of the story told at the award-winning attraction….  

“….Later this year, visitors will be able to enjoy a view of the long-gone medieval Greyfriars friary – where the king was hastily buried in 1485 – thanks to augmented reality technology….”

Call me impatient, but I wanted to see if there were any reconstructions of medieval Greyfriars already ‘out there’, and I found this site, from which the above illustration is taken. It’s very interesting, and well worth a read.



  1. Yes it’s quite an impressive piece of reconstruction by the de Montfort students, it was available back when Richard was first rediscovered, and people were debating the possible design of the tomb, both at the time and for the Leicester Cathedral reinterment.

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