The Yorkist Connection to Cranborne in Dorset

Cranborne is a little village tucked away in the Dorset countryside. The roads leading to it are small and narrow, with very high hedges, and driving there can be a bit of a nightmare if you should meet up with a farm vehicle or delivery lorry (frequent)! However, it seems to have been heavily visited… Continue reading The Yorkist Connection to Cranborne in Dorset

There’s been another Murrrrdah…!

Maud Neville of Scotton, Lincolnshire, was the daughter and heiress of Sir Philip** Neville and Sarah (birth name unknown) and was born in about 1360. She married Sir William Cantilupe, a substantial landowner and member of a family which, historically, been of considerable importance in England. ** Some sources say Ralph. Take your pick. Allegedly,… Continue reading There’s been another Murrrrdah…!

Was 29th March a day of retribution for a certain 14th-century lord….?

  For the past two/three years I have been grappling (off and on, so to speak) with some defiant dates. No doubt I’ve bewailed this particular problem before because my interest in the lord concerned is quite considerable. Not least because he may have had great significance for the House of York. So here goes… Continue reading Was 29th March a day of retribution for a certain 14th-century lord….?

Finding my way around medieval Vienna….

Reading old maps isn’t the easiest of things, but at least you stand a fair chance of finding your way around them if you know the general layout of the place they cover. Now, I don’t know anything about medieval Vienna, and have been endeavouring to find my way around it. In detail. So I… Continue reading Finding my way around medieval Vienna….

The builders of Stonehenge liked sweet things….

I have to say this. Why are we always taken aback to discover that our ancient forebears ate more than raw mammoth steaks garnished with grass and leaves? From this article it seems they probably liked sweeter things too. Well, what a surprise! Gosh, who’d have thought it? 😲 Presumably bees hadn’t been invented.

Richard III university team now find a Roman mosaic….

  “….This undated photo issued on Thursday Nov. 25, 2021 by the University of Leicester Archaeological Services shows a Roman mosaic unique to Britain and depicting one of the most famous battles of the Trojan War. Nearly a decade on from uncovering the remains of King Richard III under a car park near Leicester Cathedral,… Continue reading Richard III university team now find a Roman mosaic….

An interesting magazine I missed….

  When the remains of Richard III were sought and then discovered, A magazine entitled Current Archaeology covered it prominently on a number of occasions: “….Current Archaeology reported on the unfolding story in detail, with no fewer than three ‘cover’ features, in CA 272, CA 277, and CA 294 (November 2012, April 2013, and September… Continue reading An interesting magazine I missed….

Calais – a bed of Tudor roses for Anne Boleyn….?

  Calais was at one time English territory, and Richard III made his son John of Gloucester the Captain of Calais. John was as ill-fated as his father. Further back, Warwick (the “Kingmaker”) was another Captain, and in 1469 his elder daughter Isabel was married there to Richard’s older brother George, Duke of Clarence. The… Continue reading Calais – a bed of Tudor roses for Anne Boleyn….?

Another king slain by a treacherous Henry….

  “….During his life and in the years following his death, Pedro [I of Castile, 1350 to 1369] became a central figure in a wide range of historical narratives composed in Castilian, French, English, Catalan, Latin, and Arabic. These accounts present contrasting depictions of Pedro; however, as it is well known, the lasting image of… Continue reading Another king slain by a treacherous Henry….

Sibling marriages again

In the teeth of the evidence, some authors maintain that Richard Duke of Gloucester and Anne Neville required a third dispensation because his brother had already wed her sister, an argument that Barnfield has conclusively fisked. We don’t have to go very far to find a similar case of sibling marriages – the Neville sisters’… Continue reading Sibling marriages again