Forget Richard III cartoons – Henry VIII wins by a mile….!


Long live the new king? Ye gods. Henry VII may have been an unpleasant, money-grubbing, paranoid gargoyle, but his son was a true MONSTER. Forget about falls on the head changing his character, the fact is that he’s remembered for his marriages and the way he executed two of his unfortunate queens, Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard. He also turned the Church upside down in order to get rid of Katherine of Aragon, spurned Anne of Cleves (luckily for her!) and would probably have jettisoned Katherine Parr but turned up his swollen toes in the nick of time. For her.

When Henry VIII was deep in the ground at last, the ladies of England could breathe a collective sigh of relief. And then cross their fingers that his son, Edward VI, wasn’t too much of a chip off the old block.

If we think there have been a veritable deluge of Richard III and car park/boys in the Tower cartoons, Richard is far outstripped by Henry VIII cartoons, which are everywhere! Here is a very minor selection to prove the point. But if you simply search Henry VIII cartoons, they turn up by the ton.

Punch Magazine 1972

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  1. Viscountessw, I am sure you have see the same podcasts on YT, about H8’s syphilis “and other diagnoses” – and from “Real Royalty” – the one called “H7’s Dark Truths: The First Tudor King” ? well, those are just two of thousands to choose from – I bring this up because writers, producers, film makers may think they can be neutral about this topic but in short order they cannot. The cartoons, if you notice, are never about Anne Askew being racked and then like the whiny woman H8 was surrounded by doncha know, just had to have a proper chair to attend her burning! There is comedy gold with this family but all they see is the ‘humor’ in his abuse of women? Ohkay.

    I didn’t make it through the H8 one, just hearing about the leg ulcers, which had to be kept OPEN, yes, I can’t recall why, or the wretch would die, so this relentless bridegroom with the open leg ulcers was every woman’s dream, just ask Anne Askew.

    As for H7, not sure I can better describe him than you have (gargoyle heh) but that caricature is a keeper! I do not dislike Harry, I pity him. Imagine, your mommy had to plan and pay for your coup, the French regent (an woman YOUNGER than you are) bristling with hate for all English and even moreso THAT English king not only provides a Continental wide propaganda pronouncement for you at her Estates General, and physical cover for you and your lost boys, and then outfits your ships and mercenaries, throws in the prerequisite Scots AND when it comes to the battle itself you’re not even fighting, YOU don’t know how, you’ve never been in any battle, not even a skirmish, nothing and here’s this hellbent dude all of 2′ away with a freakin battle axe ready to cleave you into pieces when … oh, look, Rhys ap Thomas that noble bastion of chivalry, bashes your would be killer – from behind.

    H7 had every reason to be paranoid and behave like the inadequate, insecure, GARGOYLE of tension that he was, other than still breathing and being male (technically) that is ALL he brought to his claim, or rather his mommy’s claim to the crown. Where I despise him are the murders of Edward of Warwick and Warbeck, (I don’t want to hear about a “confession” from either Warbeck or Tyrrell, just show me the rack and I’ll sign any document that I’m the Queen of Sheba – Warbeck had a wife to protect and Tyrrell his sons, so to the scholars who hoot about those damn confessions, let me rack YOU!) And he left his dying instructions to Harry to kill Edmund de la Pole as soon as he could … is it any wonder the little angel turned out to be just like his sadistic father?

    well, didn’t mean to rant, they bring it out in me … but, the H7 caricature is very good, something worthy of Rowlandson, Cruikshank, Gillray or Hogarth! The others – and this is true for almost all of H8 marital cartoons, just make him look like the Homer Simpson in fancy dress – makes me want to write to these cartoonist’s editors and scream, “don’t trivialize this mass murderer!” okay, art rant of the day over, have a lovely evening Viscountessw, and I am VERY glad I have NOT seen any of the Richard carpark king cartoons you mentioned!

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