Perkin Warbeck made an ILLICIT play for power….?

The Perkin Warbeck Wetherspoons in Taunton, from the link below

“….Perkin Warbeck himself is a famed pretender to the throne, having made an illicit play for power in the 15th century by taking on the persona of a royal heir who had mysteriously disappeared….”

So it is claimed on this site.  Um, an illicit play for power? Come on, that throne was occupied by the bony backside of one Henry Tudor! If anyone ever made an illicit play for power, it was that presumptuous wonky-eyed schemer!

But I’m sure the Taunton Wetherspoons deserves its praise!


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  1. If the theme of this article isn’t bad enough, the final insult is the grammar. I don’t know how journalists get and keep their jobs nowadays if this is the calibre of writing they aspire to!

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