The Black Prince’s tomb is nothing but his son’s propaganda….!

Here’s more about the Black Prince’s tomb/effigy at Canterbury. It includes a link to a very detailed account of the investigations and findings.

And now another on the same subject, that claims the effigy (which the prince himself requested and described in detail) was created by his son Richard II solely to boost his own failing reign! Rubbish. Richard was all of ten when he ascended the throne.

“….An ‘unprecedented’ metal tomb effigy of Edward the Black Prince was likely created by his son King Richard II as medieval propaganda to bolster his troubled reign, new research reveals….” The above crud is an extract from this article Sorry, but Richard was simply following the usual medieval form and knew all along exactly what his father had wanted. Such tombs and effigies didn’t arrive next day by Amazon Prime, so of course it took time.

Oh, good grief, and here’s even more even more about Richard using his father’s tomb/effigy to support his failing reign….this time it’s over twenty years later when his Lancastrian cousin usurped the throne and murdered Richard. Failing reign? By then I suppose you could definitely say so. Being murdered at Pontefract is rather final, I guess.

Next of course, in good Lancastrian fashion, the usurper spent the rest of his own tenure of the throne looking over his shoulder and trying to justify his actions. Bolstering his troubled reign in fact. Sound familiar?


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