A living, breathing Richard III….?

Richard III from the link in the first paragraph below.

There have been “animations” of Richard before, and mock-ups of what he actually looked like, but I have to admit that this one is the best so far.

We’re so accustomed to the “reconstruction” made from the exact dimensions of his skull, but there is no life in it, if you know what I mean. The other most well-known picture of him is, of course, the National Portrait Gallery portrait. This in turn is often shown as the Tudor version, in which his face has been deliberately altered in order to make him appear old, cruel and abhorrent.

Now we have an animation that makes me feel it really is what he looked like. He was a handsome young man with friends who served and supported him to the very end. At Bosworth we wuz robbed, as the saying goes, and ended up with Henry Tudor, whose portraits need no doctoring to make him look odious, suspicious and spiteful.

It was a very shabby exchange!

But there is more than one King of England in whom I am particularly interested. He is Richard II, and you can see him at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9f66MCGJi8. My only complaint here is that I’m sure his hair was lighter. But it really is fascinating to see these monarchs “brought to life” so well. Almost eerie, and yet not.

Richard II from the link in the paragraph immediately above.


  1. I love that, it’s so much closer to what I’ve always had in my head.
    Whenever I think of Richard lll, I think of a handsome young man, just like he’s portrayed here.
    (I do wonder if his teeth would have been so perfect though!)

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    1. The skeleton in the Leicester car park had a good set of healthy teeth. Tooth decay was uncommon in those days, because people didn’t eat much, if any, sugar.

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  2. Sorry I should have added, the one of Richard ll when he smiled, he reminded me of a young John Lennon!
    They’re both very good though, and far better then their portraits.
    Seeing them ‘come to life’ is amazing.

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    1. Two Richards who’ve been criticised and accused relentlessly by history. And they were two of our most fascinating kings—in my opinion.

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  3. Sudeley Castle also have a very life like recon of King Richard lll, commissioned by Lady Ashcombe. Not a good likeness imho, but more ‘real’ looking than the plastic, stiff official one.

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