The problem of getting the facts wrong….

I recently complained that this article , which apparently contained references to Richard III, was hidden from my British eyes because of something to do with the European Economic Area (EEA). Then a good friend from the Netherlands was kind enough to send me the complete content.

The  hidden article concerned the wartime reminiscences of a lady who now lives in the US. It was interesting, and I too remember a lot of the things she described, but when it came to her thoughts on Richard III, I’m afraid she’s more than a little wobbly, as follows:-

“….Now and again strange finds hit the news. The English Wars of the Roses between the royal houses of York and Lancaster ended at the battle of Bosworth Field in England, in 1485. King Richard III of the house of York (white rose) was killed by Henry Tudor, Duke of Lancaster soon to be King Henry VII (red rose). Richard’s body was not found on the battlefield, a fact that upset the Yorkists for centuries. In 2012 a parking lot was being expanded in the town of Leicester near to the historic battle site. As excavation was being done to prepare for the new expansion a shallow grave was found containing the remains of what was later scientifically determined to be King Richard, hastily buried probably by Henry’s departing soldiers, in what was, in 1485, a Franciscan friary. How many layers of history are here under a parking lot? As a Yorkist, I am happy to say that Richard III has now found rest in York Minster….”

Henry was the Duke of Lancaster? Richard’s body not found on the battlefield? Hastily buried by Henry’s departing soldiers? Then he was found because a parking lot was being expanded? Finally, he now lies at rest in York Minister.

Oh well. Memories do play us up at times. My own grey cells aren’t beyond reproach! (I know, it’s hard to believe…. 🙄)

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