Professor Turi King has written a new book about DNA….


Professor Turi King

“….Transworld has landed a ‘myth-busting’ book about DNA by Professor Turi King, best known for her work identifying Richard III from the remains discovered under a Leicester city car park….”

If publishers are snapping up this book, titled DNA: Why Genetics Matters, (thankyou a commenter below for finding the title) which is due out from Doubleday in spring 2024, as eagerly as this, then it’s because they’re certain it will sell well. Which it will, because Professor King’s work on showing that the remains in Leicester are indeed those of Richard III, have brought her to a worldwide stage far greater than might otherwise have been the case. Not that I an belittling Professor King’s work, far from it. She was instrumental in proving the people of the Looking for Richard project were right in their certainty that Richard lay in the remains of Greyfriars, beneath the later car park.

So I hope this book makes a fortune! you can read an article about it here.

To read more about Professor Turi King, go to this site.



  1. Is there a title for this work? The bookseller page came up with a 404 error message, Amazon has nothing, nor does Turi King’s own website — it just says she’s working on a new book.

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  2. I found it the same way as Cyuen G, but the article says it won’t be published until Spring 2024, so there’s a long wait!

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