More naval archaeology

We now know a lot about Henry V’s Holighost, Henry VIII’s Mary Rose and the Kingmaker’s “Newport ship“, as well as the Boyne’s mediaeval log boats. Now there is evidence of a much later find, also in Ireland. The SS (HMS) Laurentic was a White Star liner and sister to the Titanic, sunk by two German mines five years later whilst crossing the Atlantic towards Canada. As this article describes, the Laurentic’s guns have now been recovered, appropriately enough by the Royal Navy, for the village of Downings. The wreck lies, for shipping forecast afficionados, near Malin Head.

h/t Michael, the Ulsterman who I met in a Northampton guest house during September 2021.


By super blue

Grandson of a Town player.


  1. Laurentic’s sister ship was Megnetic.

    Titanic’s sister ships were Olympic and Britannic (sunk in World War I also before ever entering commercial service).


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