Four Richards, three Joans….and a dragon!

The Dragon of Bures

My research perambulations have brought me full circle…back to the Waldegrave family of the 14th century. When rechecking the history of parliament online I found the following sentence in a footnote:-

“….Considerable confusion has arisen from the existence of four successive Sir Richard de Waldegraves, especially as the last three all had wives named Joan….”

No you-know-what, Sherlock! Oh, these medieval names. Almost zilch in the way of originality. It’s sometimes very difficult indeed to be certain which particular person I’m reading about.
Sir Richard (well, one of them) has an intriguing legend about a dragon (of Bures) attached to his name. So, four Richards, three Joans…one dragon. At least the dragon is identifiable!

Luckily my interest is in a certain Warin de Waldegrave….not too many of them around. He and the dragon can hold their heads up!

PS: The above illustration is taken from this video

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