The “royal” village of King’s Langley….

The Hertfordshire village of King’s Langley is “jam-packed with royal history”. Indeed it is, although the connection to Henry VIII (the article has a LARGE picture of him!) isn’t the point for those of us who think the Tudors had no business being on the throne.

“….The earliest known royal residence in Kings Langley was a hunting lodge which existed during the reign of Henry III (1216-1272). It was used to hunt deer, as at the time, a huge forest stretched from London to Berkhamsted….”

From being a mere hunting lodge it became a royal residence, and was finally regarded as the next best thing to a palace.

Many medieval royals had a soft spot for King’s Langley, and you can read of some of them at this site

And to read much more about “royal” King’s Langley, go here

reconstruction of King’s Langley royal residence

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