Dickon’s Diaries 3

The Dickon’s Diaries series was written to lighten the mood surrounding Richard III as the authors felt that there was so much tragedy and sadness regarding his life, especially the last few years. Susan Lamb has a Facebook page, Dickon for his Dames, and on meeting Joanne Larner (me!) she asked her to collaborate to create a book in the same vein. Dickon’s Diaries was born.

Cover of Dickon's Diaries 3
Cover of the latest Dickon’s Diaries book

So, leaving behind all the sadness, in Dickon’s Diaries Richard lives in Muddleham, a strange place in the afterlife where the mediaeval interacts with the modern, leading to hilarious situations. Muddleham is accessible to living humans (mainly Dames who adore the king) only via Muddleham Bridge, when it is shrouded in mist. Dickon himself is a proud, slightly vain, kind, just and generous king. He lives in Muddleham Castle with his wife Anne, his son Edward, Lord Lovell, his loyal friend and henchman (whom he sends to Tess-co for Jaffa Cakes).

As well as these there are a plethora of memorable characters such as Miss Tytsupp, the baker; Sir Oliver Quiver, the archery tutor; Miss Emm Entall, the cheesemaker and Lovell’s love interest; Rufus, the hound and many others. The Diaries are written in mock-mediaeval language and the humour is a cross between the Two Ronnies and Carry On.

Picture of Whyte Syrie dressed as 'My Little Destrier'.
Syrie dressed in ‘My Little Destrier’ fashion

There are now three books in the series, all illustrated in cartoon-like style. In the latest book (DD3) there is even a Mappa Muddleham, showing all the houses where the various residents live and the layout of the castle and surrounding areas.

Dickon’s Diaries 3 is available in Kindle and print versions on Amazon here.



  1. Always enjoyed the Two Ronnies, who combined the physical humor of Laurel & Hardy with a very British verbal humor – which I probably missed about half of, since they were so rapid-fire.
    Also t is nice, if coincidental that ‘Larner & Lamb’ does have a musical comedy ring to it, like ‘Lerer & Lowe.” Yep, we can use a little fun & wordlplay.

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