Margaret of Anjou was married to Henry IV, Bosworth was in 1495 and Edward VI won at Tewkesbury….!

When an article is entitled War of the Roses: A Brief Timeline, subtitled ‘Emily Hewat gives a crash course on the history behind Yorkshire and Lancaster’s epic rivalry and the origin of the Roses Tournament itself’ one rather expects the correct times! But no. What you find is:-

“….Our story starts in 1454 with the ‘weak’ Lancaster king Henry IV, who allowed his court to descend into a bitter rivalry between his queen, Margaret of Anjou and her circle….” The wrong Henry, I fear. Margaret of Anjou wouldn’t have found Henry IV particularly easy to manipulate! He was as big a villain as Henry VII!

Then, after the Battle of Tewkesbury, we have “Edward VI is now the disputed king and it looks as though the House of York has won….” Edward VI won at Tewkesbury? I wonder if anyone thought of telling Edward IV?

Lastly we have “….What we do know is that this caused the Battle of Bosworth in 1495: Henry Tudor vs Richard III with an ultimate Lancastrian victory….”

1495? That was one long battle, all ten years of it.

I didn’t bother inspecting anymore. I might have found that Henry VIII was legally married to Elizabeth Woodville!

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