Not just another Anne Boleyn series

This was shown on BBC2 during August and the subject has been covered several times in recent years, not least with our old friend Dr. Starkey. However, I am pleased I watched it for two reasons. The first is that The Boleyns: A scandalous family discussed the situation from the perspective of Thomas Boleyn seeking social advancement for his whole family, through his marriage and those of his children. At least he, as Earl of Wiltshire, his wife and elder daughter Mary succeeded in this and died of natural causes, unlike the others and George’s widow Jane Parker, despite their titles. The second is that a variety of historians, such as Sir Diarmaid MacCullough and Leanda de Lisle featured. Right at the end of the third and last episode, she delineated Elizabeth II’s descent, as with several others, from Mary Boleyn through the Careys, as we showed here.

By super blue

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