A new series of medieval murder mysteries….


“….AN initiative to find the bones of Alfred the Great in the Hyde suburb of Winchester, sponsored more than 20 years ago by the City Council, has had a surprising outcome. This is the launch of a series of whodunnits in settings that many readers will find easy to imagine.

“….The first title, Charter for Murder, is now in bookshops, on Amazon and also available as an e-book. Set in taverns in the city, the cathedral and Hyde Abbey itself – still marked by a splendid gatehouse – it is a tale that pits the wits of churchman against politician at a time when monasteries were under threat and the teenage king Richard II faced the Peasants’ Revolt….”

This sounds very interesting indeed. The author is former Times journalist and historian Edward Fennell, of whose writing  this article says, “Well-researched historical fiction with familiar settings and believable characters is great for getting to grips with the past”. The first book in the series has now been published.

I won’t attempt to explain more about this new series, because the above article is very detailed and explanatory. Suffice it that I’m looking forward to reading the first book, especially as 1381 means the reign of Richard II, my second favourite king. No prizes for guessing the first!

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  1. There was a time when were falling over historical ‘tecs…They have largely fallen out of fashion


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