A blue plaque for the Angel & Royal….?


Showing where the plaque would be displayed

The following is an extract from this article.  :-

“….The Angel and Royal Inn has been in Grantham for more than 800 years and still retains its medieval character….A blue plaque would celebrate the hotel’s history and mark its many significant royal connections….”

And we Ricardians know the royal connection that matters; in October 1483 Richard III stayed at the inn. According to Wikipedia :

“….On 19 October 1483 Richard III held court at the inn.[8][10] It was from the “Chambre de’ Roi” that he sent a letter requesting for the Great Seal to issue the death warrant against his cousin, Henry Stafford, 2nd Duke of Buckingham for his instigation of Buckingham’s rebellion.[6][9][11] Copies of the letter, the original of which is kept by the British Museum, are displayed in the hotel’s dining room.[12]….”

Now the Grantham Civic Society wants permission to put a blue plaque on the Grade I listed building. I hope said permission is forthcoming swiftly, and that the plaque is a suitably BIG one!


  1. I used to visit Grantham, love the good people and lovely town as well. This Medieval building should definitely have a blue plaque as should ALL Medieval buildings, they MUST be protected and preserved. It’s who we are ,were and hopefully, will always be.

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