A medieval mystery in Stamford….

I love it when local historians delve into their area’s past and start unearthing curious things. This is what retired academic Linda Ball has done for the part of Stamford in which she grew up. St Paul’s Street, Stamford, was on the site of what was once either Greyfriars or Whitefriars. The medieval mystery of which one it was has inspired her for the past ten years, and she has now completed a book on the subject. See this link

Stamford was a great religious centre in medieval times, and Joan of Kent, the first Princess of Wales, was buried there, with her first husband, Thomas Holand, Earl of Kent. As her second husband Joan had married Edward of Woodstock, known to posterity as the Black Prince, and their son became King Richard II. So St Paul’s Street is host to some illustrious names from the past.

The above article tells us more about Linda’s lavishly illustrated title, but also points out that “the 312-page book is available from Collyweston Community Shop, and in Walkers in Stamford from Friday (May 28)”. There is no indication of if and when it will be more widely available, but for more details there is a very informative link: http://www.stamfordfriars.co.uk


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