The outstanding exception in the “Cambridgeshire” six….!

Well, it’s true, I don’t know many of the six Cambridgeshire castles that are listed in this article . Many of them disappeared very early on in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, and hill forts aren’t something about which I know a great deal anyway. Poor old Cambridge Castle suffered the ignominy of having a Shire Hall built where it once stood! Still, I suppose that’s far grander than a car park!

However, one of the six castles is definitely known to me, and to all those who are interested in the age of the Yorkist kings of England. I speak of Fotheringhay, of course, although as a castle it now stretches the description. It’s little more than a forlorn motte, but the nearby church is a wonderful link to the House of York.

And the castle was once something to behold!

Oh, and one thing….Cambridgeshire can’t claim Fotheringhay, which belongs to Northamptonshire! 🙄


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