We sailed against the Spanish Armada flying the Union Jack….


Secrets of the Spanish Armada (2019)

Oh, puLEEEZE! Not English ships flying the Union Jack when fighting the Spanish Armada! The offending source of this blooper? One of the Drain the Ocean series of TV documentaries (Series 2, episode 7, entitled Secrets of the Spanish Armada) .

The picture above is from the episode, but I couldn’t find one of the actual howler. But it was there, right at the end. I saw it! They even said the ship shown was English! Not British, I noted, but still we had the Union Jack.

Otherwise the Armada programme was quite interesting, although, of course, I can’t be sure how much of it is accurate….


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    We should all be celebrating, honouring and protecting our rich history, the Union Jack is a symbol of four nations bound together to create the greatest empire in modern civilisation.

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