Richard III led the Third Crusade….? 😮

from the link below

“….we may be getting very close to full-circle on the Assassin’s Creed timeline, as whatever game comes next will apparently revolve around Richard III….

“….Richard III has appeared in Assassin’s Creed before, but only in a small speaking part in the very first game. Richard, then King of England, led the Third Crusade into the Middle East to attempt to recover Jerusalem from Saladin. If the next Assassin’s Creed game does turn out to be something like that, it would be a very interesting time period choice, but who knows what Ubisoft could do with the setting now?….”

Interesting time periods indeed! I wonder which one—and which king—they’ll be plumping for? 😆

The above extract is from this site and the final paragraph begins “….We’ll have to keep an eye on Ubisoft to see whether or [it] turns out to be accurate or not….” Um, yes.


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    Very interesting and accurate information from such a long time ago, giving us some awesome insight into the Crusades. King Richard I, the Lion Heart had traveled to the Holy Land and was greatly outnumbered by the saracens and Saladin’s army, yet he defeated them. This stuff is real history yet it is very popular today, perhaps more than ever.

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  2. Amazing how people mix up history. I recall a sign in a small zoo that claimed Richard II had brought the Bagot goats back from a crusade. I can only think the confusion was caused in that case by Richard II’s association with Bagot.

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  3. King Richard I was a fantastic warrior who defeated the great muslem warrior Saladin on several occasions, while being vastly outnumbered, in a very hostile land, poisoned wells and everything else. An outstanding achievement , even if his army weren’t to take back Jerusalem.


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