Three lions on a shirt….English football and Richard the Lionheart….

“….He spent little time in England but one very famous king’s emblem is now on the lips of millions in the country he ruled but rarely visited. Football fans across the land are singing ‘Three Lions on a Shirt’ and it’s all thanks to Richard I….”

Well, that’s about all for which England has to thank Richard I. Did anyone here know what he looked like? His only interest in England was as a cash cow, to fund his interminable fighting abroad. Actually ruling the country didn’t seem to figure much in his philosophy. Mind you, when he turned up his royal toes, we had King John instead. One wonders what on earth would have happened had the John’s older brother Geoffrey lived. What sort of a time would England have endured under King Geoffrey?

This article refers to Richard’s lion emblem as his “menagerie of menace”, which I think is a tad theatrical. But then it also says “….There are also ten Tudor roses on the badge worn proudly by England’s footballers but, for some reason, the floral motif has never been as famous….” Good! That’s something at least. Frankly, I don’t know which was worse for England, the so-called Lionheart or the Tudors!

Oh dear, I fear I’m in grumpy mode today…. 🙄



  1. After reading Sharon Penman’s very well researched books about Henry II and Eleanor with their “Devil’s Brood” I think Geoffrey would have made a better King than Richard or John. Obviously we can’t know for sure but he seemed to be a bit more sensible than the other three sons.

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