Henrys, Ancient and Modern….!

Well, the hymn book was never like this, I grant. No hymn numbers here. Instead we have a forgotten Rolling Stone, because if ever there was one, here he is! I can just picture him up on stage giving it some wellie with Mick, Keith & Co. Not that he’d be enjoying himself, that’s for sure. I have a sneaking feeling that Henry VII didn’t enjoy anything.

But doesn’t it just go to show that what we accept as Henry in the early 16th century becomes very different when we see him as he might be now, in our own century? This modern Henry looks shockingly used up, exhausted and unhappy. Which the real Henry probably was, because his entire reign was spent glancing over his shoulder for Yorkist challengers. Henry was there through treachery and murder, and he continued to murder until the day he died. From 1485 on he set out to rid himself of the House of York…well, those parts of it that weren’t essential to himself, such as his wife, Elizabeth of York.

I do grant that although he married her under duress, he came to love her. I don’t think anyone can really deny that, and his reaction to her sudden death spoke volumes of his feelings. But from then on he became more unpleasant than he already was. No one mourned when he finally turned up his toes. Mind you, silly England actually welcomed his equally odious son. Boy, did Henry VIII turn out to be a horror!

Anyway, behold the modern Henry. I confess I’d cross the street to avoid him, but then, I don’t suppose he’d be very impressed with me either. Heaven forfend, of course…. 😄

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