More of the interminable list of celebs descended from royalty….!

from the link below

Perhaps the author of this Colombian article would have benefited from a good editor, but I think I’ve interpreted the gist of it.

Three in the list of celebs leapt out at me, so to speak. Firstly Hilary Duff. Can someone tell me how Alexander Spotswood, Lieutenant Colonel in the British Army could be the great-grandson of King Edward III of England, who reigned between 1327 and 1377? It mentions the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, then moves on to Ralph Fiennes and Kit Harrington, among others.

Then Hugh Grant. It seems he’s a descendant of Henry VII, so he’s off my Christmas card list! Ha! I’m sure he’ll be gutted.

And finally Benedict Cumberbatch. Again. He is NOT a descendant of Richard III! Maybe from Richard’s family, but not Richard himself. So he’s off my list as well.

Reading articles like this makes me despair.


  1. What would be remarkable would be to find an English citizen (of some generations standing) who was *not* descended from one of the kings and could prove it. I doubt such a person exists.

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