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I’ve Gone Mediaeval. That may not be a surprise to most, but now you can come with me. I am co-hosting a new podcast from History Hit called Gone Mediaeval. I present an episode every Saturday, mostly covering the high and late medieval period. The other host is Dr Cat Jarman, a bioarchaeologist, who specialises in the early middle ages and particularly Vikings.

We’ve had episode so far on John of Gaunt, Viking Berserkers, Indian Ocean Trade, Medieval Africa, The Raid on Lindisfarne, and Medieval Building Myths.

You should be able to find Gone Medieval wherever you usually get your podcasts. If you enjoy it, please subscribe and keep listening so that we can continue to attract the best guests and discuss the most fascinating topics.

Here’s a link to Apple’s podcast page for Gone Medieval: ‎Gone Mediaeval on Apple Podcasts

I recently spoke to Charles Spencer about his latest book, The White Ship. We chatted a fair bit about Henry I and his early life and it really offers a different perspective on the man he became. No White Ship disaster would probably have meant no Plantagenet dynasty, and no Richard III at the end of it. Then what would I be doing with my time now?

We also discussed the recent dive to try and locate the wreckage of The White Ship just off Barfleur. It sounds like they made some pretty amazing discoveries, and are going back soon to examine them further. Hopefully there will be more developments soon to keep up with.

You can catch this particular episode here: ‎Gone Medieval: The White Ship: The Wrecking of Henry I’s Dynastic Dream on Apple Podcasts (Apple again – sorry to those who use different providers, but it is available everywhere!)

In the meantime, please subscribe to Gone Medieval, and let me know if you enjoy it!

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