Henry I is probably under a nursery school, and might be best left there….!


from Wikipedia

There are kings…and there are admirable kings. I’m afraid that from what I’ve heard about Henry I, he’s best left where he is!

My friend hoodedman has written: “….It’s funny how Henry is not regarded as a controversial king despite maybe being implicated in his brother’s death in the New Forest, kept another brother imprisoned for 20 years till his death, sired over 22 illegitimate kids, and blinded his 2 young granddaughters (leading his illegitimate daughter Juliane to try to murder him.)….”

What a delightful man, and he was in charge of England for thirty-years! A disagreeable (in the extreme!) fellow who should definitely be left buried under the site of Reading Abbey. Well, under the nursery school that now occupies the believed particular spot. But who wants him to have an honourable reinterment? As far as I’m concerned a Blue Plaque would suffice. Oh, I know, he was still a King of England…and I shouldn’t let my low opinion of him sway me from that fact. Anyway, to read more of the search for him go here .

But a nursery school isn’t a car park, and Henry I’s remains don’t have anywhere near the cachet of Richard III’s. Now there was a great king! But we only had him for two years. There really isn’t any justice!

Richard III against a background of his Book of Hours




  1. Henry I is what many historians call a ‘strong king’. If you’ve got label on your box you can get away with most things, because historians typically admire ‘strong’ kings. Of course, it also helps if you die in your bed.

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