The ruby that isn’t a ruby was worn at a battle that didn’t happen….?



Aha, so it isn’t a ruby, see this article.

Well, we knew that! But for all its associations with the Black Prince, Henry V and Richard III (to say nothing of later monarchs) it seems our present queen “….often likes to think of it being worn by Henry IV during the battle of Edincott….” What? The battle of where? Never ‘eard of it, guv.

Well, I imagine it’s our Henry IV, 1399-1413, not the French one, 1589-1610. After all, the ruby was in England at that time and never seems to have been sent to France. The Black Prince would surely come back to wreak terrible vengeance on anyone daft enough to do that with his ruby! I certainly wouldn’t mess with Edward of Woodstock! Besides, did this other Henry fight such a battle? Not that I can find.

Clearly the reference is either an honest mistake or a typo. Or it’s correct, and I’m being knuckleheaded. Or…. it’s the king who is a typo, as well as the battle? Was it actually Edward IV at the Battle of Edgcote in 1469? Did Edward IV wear the Black Prince’s Ruby into the fray? I haven’t found a reference anywhere, but that’s not to say he didn’t. Perhaps one of you reading this now can give the definitive answer?

Edward IV

Whatever, our queen likes to associate the ruby with some king or other at some battle or other. I’d write to her to ask, but I don’t think I’d get very far, especially as the reference to her might be an error as well! Maybe she doesn’t give the ruby a thought until she has to wear that great heavy crown!

Please don’t think I’m mocking Her Majesty. Rather do I think she said something else completely, and a plonker in the press misheard/misinterpreted! That is, if she ever said anything about the ruby, of course.



    1. Aha! That sounds about right, Laura. Still the wrong king, but the correct battle at least. Thank you.


  1. Sorry to say that Edward IV can’t have worn that crown at the battle of Edgcote because he wasn’t actually there.


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