‘The Road Not Travelled’ – New Anthology

I recently read a brilliant short story anthology called ‘1066 Turned Upside Down’ which explored different ways in which the momentous year of 1066 might have turned out differently if something was changed. This made me think that a similar anthology for the Wars of the Roses would also be a great idea. There are many points in history where, had certain people made different choices, things could have been very different. I recruited more than twenty other writers, all interested in that era and set them to work. The result is an anthology of stories that provide different scenarios from those that actually happened.

For example, what if Richard III’s father, Richard Duke of York, had not been killed at Wakefield but had defeated Margaret of Anjou’s army and claimed the throne (HE would have then become Richard III). Or, what if Richard had not executed Buckingham, his betrayer, but used him to trap Henry Tudor in 1483? Or what if he had married someone other than Anne Neville and had many children by the time he became king? These are only a few of the stories in the book, which I called ‘The Road Not Travelled’ because in life we come to a fork in the road and have to choose one – these stories are those that might have happened if the other road, the road not actually travelled had been chosen.

Picture of the cover of 'The Road Not Travelled'

Here is a sneak preview of the cover – not finalised and the writer of the foreword has not been decided yet. Watch this space. The illustration is by the very talented Riikka Nikko. We hope to have the book published on Amazon by 6th July, the date of Richard’s coronation. And it will be sold in aid of the Scoliosis Association UK.


  1. JL I remember this idea when it was still just a seed! Hooray, wonderful, I am thrilled that you have pulled this off! I last heard about some of the people you had offering to help you out, sounds like it is THIS close to fruition… can you see me grinning all the way across the big puddle between us?!!!
    One of the best aspects to ‘alternative’ viewpoints is they often mean when you look back again at the version you have become so familiar with it will look different AND often little details coming jumping out that can be highly important – don’t be surprised if your book leads to some interesting new lines of investigations!

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    1. I’ve just downloaded this to my kindle, but not sure how soon I’ll get around to reading it – there’s a bit of a queue! Looking forward to it all the same, as the other anthologies have been really good x

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