It’s 1773, and Richard III is King of Great Britain….!

from the link below


Could someone tell me how a document from 1773 could be signed by “King Richard III of Great Britain”? I rather think it’s a goof for George III. Richard didn’t know about Great Britain (George III had England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales—oh, and Hanover, Richard didn’t have Scotland or Hanover, but claimed France), So having George’s Great Britain and the crown of France confirmed, would have been in Richard’s medieval dreams. I think he’d have whistled a happy tune and signed anything! 😄

You can read about it here.

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  1. How could this have been allowed to go to print before it had been checked? In a previous life a long time ago, I was a proof reader and if I’d have let something go to print that was so clearly wrong, I’d have been given a stern talking to, to say the very least!
    Having said that, and knowing the truth of the matter, I suppose it’s actually quite comical, but of course there will always be people who’ll believe it, just because it looks official and it’s in print! .

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