Rosary of Mary, Queen of Scots, stolen from Arundel Castle….

The rosary beads of Mary, Queen of Scots

The theft of items of great historical importance aren’t common, thank goodness, but they do come along…and this time—on Friday, 21st May, when a burglar alarm went off at 22:30 BST—it was Arundel Castle that was raided. To read all about it, go to this site

The stolen treasures were worth more than £1 million, and included “….the gold rosary beads carried by Mary Queen of Scots at her execution in 1587, several coronation cups given by the sovereign to the Earl Marshal of the day, and other gold and silver treasures….”

The castle only reopened on Tuesday, 18th May, and the theft happened on Friday. Chichester police are appealing for information from anyone who visited in that period and who may have noticed anything unusual. And if you are offered something you suspect to be part of the haul, please tell them.

We don’t want these national treasures to disappear!!!!

Arundel Castle


  1. I find it so very sad, when we have so few artifacts from certain periods, that things like this happen. Reading the article, it says many times things are stolen to order, and I think that’s probably what’s happened here. So a few selfish people enjoy these items, when they should be left on display for everyone to enjoy.


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