A hidden glory in a tiny alley in Gloucester….

Maverdine House, Gloucester

Since the middle of the last century the city of Gloucester has been spoiled by dubious, half-witted planning decisions, but there are still some wonderful gems to be found. Everyone knows the cathedral, of course (thankfully it escaped planning notice, or it too might have been “improved” in finest 1960s fashion. Heaven forfend indeed.

But not everyone knows of a narrow alley, Maverdine Passage, off Westgate Street, in which is to be found what is possibly the finest Tudor frontage in the whole of England. Yes, indeed, this Grade 1 Listed marvel does have some claim to this title. It’s called Maverdine House, and you can read about it here which has some excellent illustrations.

Viewed from the alley

The alley is only about five feet wide, which makes it difficult to see the Tudor elevation in its full glory. But what you can see is magnificent, and everything is original, including the window glass.

The house’s origins go back to 1470, so some part of it would have been there when Richard III came to Gloucester and granted the city its charter. But if you walk down Westgate street today, you can pass right by and not know anything so wonderul is lurking in a little alley.

Westgate Street, Gloucester


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