Eleanor of Aquitaine is to get the Starz treatment….!

Eleanor of Aquitaine needs to keep her head down, I fear – Starz is coming after her, aided and abetted by Alison Weir this time. See this link

Has Philippa Gregory had the elbow? Whatever, we can batten down the hatches for another storm of misinformatiion!

And one thing’s certain – it won’t be even close to as classy as The Lion in Winter, starring Peter O’Toole and Katherine Hepburn.



  1. Ah, I can see you’ve been doing the blog up a bit. Um. I don’t like it!

    I know that Philippa Gregory has a certain notoriety among history buds, and is one whom many reviewers (e.g. Frock Flicks and The Laughing Cavalier) love to hate. She may not have “had the elbow” so much as just run out of material. Her earlier series only ran for one season each so The Spanish Princess was the outlier in getting two.

    I’m not as familiar with Alison Weir so I can’t really judge if her series will end up better or worse.


      1. That’s odd. Has someone else on the team messed with the theme choices and clicked “Activate” by mistake?


  2. No Robin, it just means that it’s not my blog, I merely contribute to it. Any “messing around” on this occasion seems to be by WordPress itself. I just woke up one morning and there it was. 🤪


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