A visit to Beccles (2016)

Mid Anglia Group, Richard III Society

To visit this town, by the southern extremity of the Broads, the Group assembled at the King’s Head, a short walk from Beccles station on the East Suffolk Line. After this, we met Murray’s late grandfather James Woodrow, local historian, to show us around the town.

First, he showed us the Beccles Museum in Ballygate (right, in Leman House, named after an Elizabethan-Stuart tradesman and 1616 Lord Mayor of London, below left). It has memorabilia from the last two milennia, much of which is Victorian but some is related to Azincourt. The town’s grammar school, established by Leman and named after him, was previously on the site.

Then we came to St. Michael’s Church on Saltgate (right), which was built “the wrong way round”, to avoid the graveyard being flooded by the nearby Waveney and where Horatio Nelson’s parents were married in 1758.

Among those buried there are several members…

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Grandson of a Town player.

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