Some ghosts of Oxfordshire, but try Gloucestershire for size too….


from the Oxford Mail article below

It seems that Oxfordshire is one of our most haunted county. Maybe. But I know of a few that would claim more ghosts. At the risk of irritating a whole bunch of folk, I’ll say my next-door county of Gloucestershire has the most ghosts of all. OK, OK, don’t all shout and wave your fists at once! But we do have Edward II, Edward of Lancaster, Margaret of Anjou, a Yorkist horseman killed by a Lancastrian arrow, soldiers beaten in the Battle of Tewkesbury, and many others that aren’t quite so medieval. And Littledean Hall so bulges with spooks that they have to jostle for position! Try this article and this one for size, Oxfordshire!

Anyway, this article from the Oxford Mail lists the places where Oxfordshire’s ghosts prowl, and the one of particular interest to Ricardians is Minster Lovell, which is the last one mentioned.

So if you’d like to encounter Francis Lovell, the grounds of his old home are where’ll you’ll find him. There are a multitude of questions we’d all like to ask him, I know, so have your list ready. And let’s hope he’s in the mood to pass the time of day in a pleasant chat!

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  1. How I’d have loved to see Minster Lovell in peacetime and in its prime. I can’t imagine a more idyllic place.


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