A film scene rewritten

Rather than Shakespeare, this one is from a 1960s film: (Carry On) Don’t Lose Your Head. Most people are probably familiar with the early scene in which Sir Rodney ffing, who is the Black Fingernail, interrupts le Duc de Pommes Frites’ execution, overseen by Camembert, to try to sell him life insurance. Pommes Frites escapes and Camembert beheads his own executioner, Malabonce, thereby setting off a sequence of events that eventually leave him a few inches shorter.

If the film was made today, ffing may pose as a health and safety inspector …
FFING (examines guillotine): I don’t like the look of this. You could have someone’s head off with it.
CAMEMBERT (sarcastically): Yes, that is the idea.

By super blue

Grandson of a Town player.

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