She also married in secret …

… and, to add to Louis XIV, King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, Andre Previn, Ed Sheeran and Princess Beatrice, we can now add the singer Adele to the list – she appears to have married in 2016 but divorced in 2019.

In Cairo, they will still maintain that Edward IV married in secret in 1464, but not in 1461.

By super blue

Grandson of a Town player.


  1. Unfortunately any documents relating to a pre-contract or secret marriage have been lost/ destroyed/ mislaid so it is impossible to do more than speculate but you can certainly argue that Edward had form when it came to secret marriage and that might suggest the Eleanor Butler connection had the ring of truth about it.

    It was also fairly common to question paternity or legality during this period – Edward himself was accused of being illegitimate. Edward of Westminster was alleged to be the product of an affair etc… so either argument could be valid in the context of the period.


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