New Wars of the Roses postage stamps showing Graham Turner’s magnificent paintings….!

Wow! These new postage stamps are brilliant. So colourful and truly interesting. Well done whoever chose to do this, and well done even more Graham Turner for his amazing paintings.

Among the other battle scenes depicted are Wakefield, Towton, First Battle of St Albans, Tewkesbury and Northampton.


  1. Wonderful paintings by Graham, as always. However, I take issue with the Bosworth caption – “It was one of the last battles of the Wars of the Roses since Henry VII killed Richard III.” Oh yeah? Henry VII got out his trusty sword and chopped R III down did he? Or spiked him with his lance? Whirled his battleaxe or mace aroung his head and killed Richard personally?
    Totally lazy writing Joseph Laws of the Mailonline!
    We all know that Richard led his charge towards Henry Tudor who was lurking at the back of the battle, ready to flee if it went against him. Richard got close enough to kill Henry’s standard bearer (William Brandon) and unhorsed his bodyguard (John Cheyney) then was himself unhorsed and surrounded by a mob of Henry’s mercenaries. “Fighting manfully in the thickest press of his enemies…” Henry meanwhile had dismounted and hidden amongst his foot soldiers, carefully NOT taking part!

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