Shakespeare Takes A Shot

Only 405 years after his death, Mr William Shakespeare of Warwickshire, England has taken a tremendous step forward for mankind, (and so he should after what he did with THAT play.)

In all seriousness, though, on December 8th , Mr William Shakespeare, a gentlemen who is indeed from Warwickshire, was the second person and first man in the UK to receive the new Coronavirus vaccine from Pfizer, other than those who participated in the drug trials.

Quite spookily, Mr Shakespeare actually bears some resemblance to The Bard, and with his surname and location, I would not at all be surprised if a good genealogist could tease out a family link between him and the original Mr Shakespeare.

Of course, a number of puns on the names of Shakespeare’s plays are now in order:

Two Gentlemen of Corona

Much Aflu About Nothing

Taming of the Flu

Much Achoo About Nothing

Shaky Takes His Shot


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