The mermaid of Blakemere….

Lady Eleanor Talbot’s family was long connected with ‘bottomless’ Blakemere/Blackmere/Black Mere, near Whitchurch in Staffordshire. Their manor house was on the shore of the mere, and was where Lady Eleanor may have been born. I once had reason to research Blakemere, but my prying did not turn up the legend of the Blakemere mermaid.

from – showing the outline of the Talbot manor house on the shore of the mere

Well, whether there’s a ghostly mermaid or not, it seems Blakemere Pond isn’t mysterious enough to be bottomless:

“….Attempting to separate fact from fiction, in 2013, a Mr. Philip Davis of Stoke-on-Trent, a member of the committee of the North Staffordshire branch of the British Sub-aqua club, adorned a frogman’s suit and determined that this lake was not actually bottomless, and ‘at its deepest point the pool is no more than seven feet and it has a muddy bottom.’….” Spoil sport! 😒 Mind you, I’d like to know in what way he adorned his frogman’s suit!

You can read the mermaid’s story here

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