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embroidery (Bayeux Tapestry) [seated, third from right] by special permission of the City of Bayeux

… on the Bayeux Tapestry are featured in this excellent journal, Peregrinations by the International Society for the Study of Pilgrimage Art.

The first relevant article, which also discusses Viking longboats and the Battle of Fulford, earlier in 1066, starts on (pdf) page 196. The second starting on page 238 compares the Tapestry with Trajan’s Column and deals with the familiar narrative, from Harold‘s shipwreck and forced oath to Edward‘s death, William‘s invasion plans and their execution, the battle and the subsequent construction of the Abbey. A third starts on page 284, dealing with the tapestry and hypertext with respect to digital editions, whilst a fourth from page 325 considers it from a religious perspective. Finally, a fifth article from page 353 analyses Edward the Confessor’s vitae and Stigand’s actions. From 376, a full size version is described.

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