Two thousand years of Southwark Cathedral….

Millennium excavations at Southwark Cathedral 
by Ptolemy Dean architect to the project

Southwark Cathedral, although only just across the Thames from St Paul’s and Westminster, has never received the same close attention of its rivals. At least, so it seems to me. Then, at the turn of the millenium, excavations began that led archaeologists back through time. A long time, because the cathedral’s beginnings stretch back over two thousand years. Indeed, the site was at originally on an island in the Thames.

If you go go here you’ll be able to open an entire book about these excavations. It’s called A New Millenium at Southwark Cathedral: Investigations into the First Two Thousand Years, by David Dyers, Chris Mayo, Nathalie Cohen and Chris Jarrett, and is definitely worth a read.

The site in relation to the islands of north Southwark and
Londinium c. AD 200 (scale 1:20,000)

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