Richard’s generosity is contrasted with his successor’s parsimony

Here is a Telegraph documented article about Richard III’s distribution of money and other gifts at Christmas. Helpfully, they estimate the current value of some of his expenditure. Without mentioning any of Richard’s contemporaries, I am reminded of “Hey, Big Spender” reducing Ernie Wise to tears …

By super blue

Grandson of a Town player.


  1. Quite aside from lavish Christmas spending, which was expected of the king, I believe that Richard’s large expenditures to goldsmiths probably mean he was, at least in part, trying to redeem the valuables that had to be sold when Edward IV’s remaining estate was found insufficient to cover his bequests and other debts. It was not unusual for family members to redeem pieces of family importance after they had to be sold in exigent circumstances.

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  2. Perhaps fortunately, since the Telegraph article suggests Richard was trying to buy support, the article is rather misleading. Joanna Laynesmith wrote an early response, which went on the Research Blog and has now been published in hard copy, in the latest Ricardian Bulletin. I believe there may be a link to it from the Telegraph article, but since that is not viewable without subscription (free or otherwise), I can’t be sure so here is another link:

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