The Time Travellers Conference….?

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I know you’re ahead of me here (ha! joke!) but can you imagine what my nincompoop brain did at first glance of the illustration below? That’s right, my brain leapt to “The Time Travellers Conference”. Oh, if only!

What a thought, with or without Covid restrictions, but who/what/why/where would be involved in such a conference? Just think who we might meet. Richard? Warwick? Clarence? Anne Neville? The Earl of Lincoln? And what would we say if confronted by Henry VII, Margaret Beaufort or Jasper?

Well, let’s face it, they all might fancy a little time-travelling as well. I know I do.

So who would you hope to meet there, ladies and gentlemen? I confess I have so many, and not only from Richard’s period, that I’ll need to be at that conference every single day…and hope for a few extra days because it’s so hugely busy!

And video links just WOULDN’T do, right?



  1. Yeah, I think we’d have to break up into Workshops and Seminars (is there a difference?) after our Keynote Speaker of course, spend a pleasant couple of hours over a delicious lunch and a stroll roll the Exhibition Hall, historic stalls and the latest developments in Time Machines, more Workshops with guest speakers including Richard naturally, and finally the Plenary Session with a vote on the best time to travel to and the raffle with free tickets to a time and destination of your choice. Maybe I’d arrange for David Tennant’s Doctor Who to appear as a special celebrity pop-up announcing the prizes.

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  2. Your blogs are absolutely amazing and I really get involved in them . I love most history, but I find English history to be very interesting indeed. Medieval times are just the business. So, I would just like to say a great big thank you for all you are doing.

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