Um, Princess Anne Neville of Bohemia….?

Don’t have a drink in your hand as you read the following:-

“ . . . Princess Anne Neville of Bohemia, who was looked to as the embodiment of virtue and modesty, rode side-saddle across Europe prior to her marriage to King Richard III in 1472. Their marriage lasted three years, as King Richard died in battle in 1485 and was the last English king to perish in combat in the final skirmish of the War of the Roses . . . .

“ . . . King Richard is the uncle of Queen Elizabeth II, many generations and branches of the royal family apart . . . .”

No, I did NOT make it up! Honest. It’s here in black and white.

And this post has the honour of being number 2500 for the blog!

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  1. One just HAS to say “O.M.G” Yeah, I see what they’ve done, they’ve mixed up their two Queen Annes with their two King Richards. Correct me if I’m wrong (it’s after midnight and I ain’t gonna look it up now) but I understood that Anne of Bohemia was the consort of King Richard the Second. She may well have ridden side-saddle across Europe for all I know, but it must have been about 80 or 90 years before 1472! He may have been quite fond of her, because when she died he did not want to remarry straight away, and in the end chose a six year old French princess, Isabella de Valois, with whom there would be no possibility of consummation until she was older. Isabella incidentally, was the older sister of one Katherine de Valois who had married Henry V was widowed and then married one Owen Tudor, causing our Richard such trouble a couple of generations down the line… However even the simple mathematics in the piece does not bear scrutiny (1472 to 1485 denoting the length of a marriage lasting three years?)
    What a Crock of S…!


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