Yes, of COURSE King Arthur was real….!

Well, of course King Arthur was real. Maybe Camelot, the Knights of the Round Table and so on are rather romantic, but Arthur himself was definitely an actual man. You’ll never convince me otherwise. I don’t really care if he was a Romano-British warrior rather than a glamorous knight in shining armour, it’s the symbol he provides that matters.

Are we only able to pinpoint him through the Battle of Badon Hill, wherever it actually took place? Well, does it matter? I have numerous books on the subject, and they all have different theories to put forward, some of them plausible, some of them a little off the wall, but in the end, we’re talking Arthur here! Our great hero, whether legendary or factual. I choose to believe in him, and am proud that such wonderful stories about him have come down through the centuries and now entertain the whole world. To read the article that prompted this British spear-rattling, click here.

Good for you, Arthur! You really are the Once and Future King!

PS: And at the risk of starting another war, HE’S WELSH!!!! 😊

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