Buckden Towers-Heritage at Risk

Caring for heritage buildings is a never-ending job. They may have stood for hundreds of years but just like every other building, they crumble and decay with time and need urgent restoration.

A recently addition to the ever-growing ‘Heritage at Risk’ ledger is Buckden Towers in Cambridgeshire. Formerly known as Buckden Palace, it was home to the Bishops of Lincoln since the 12th century. The original palace was wooden and has long vanished; the large towered brick building we see was built in 1475, during the reign of Edward IV.

Richard III stayed here while on progress; although many of the articles on Buckden Towers say this occurred in ‘1483’, I believe it was, in fact, 1484, after Richard and Queen Anne visited Cambridge on March the 9th–and before they moved on to Nottingham, where they received the terrible news about Edward of Middleham‘s death. They appear to have stayed about 5 days at Buckden Palace, partaking of the hospitality of Bishop John Russell.

Today the Red Towers are still a local landmark. The grounds and exterior views are open to the public and a tour of the inside can be pre-booked (this is likely not possible at present.) Unfortunately, the roof is leaking and hence there is a need for urgent repairs in case the water compromises the safety of the structure.




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