Stonehenge removed and rebuilt….

Stonehenge is an endless source of curiosity and speculation, with theories abounding and routes/methods considered in considerable depth. Even Merlin gets a look-in, believing by some to have flown the stones from Wales to Wiltshire by means of magic. Well, that’s always a possibility, because Merlin was, perhaps still is, the greatest wizard there ever flourished.

But now it isn’t quite the route by which the stones travelled to the final destination we know today, instead it’s what exactly they were before they made the journey, as you will read in this article. According to a forthcoming BBC2 documentary entitled Stonehenge: The Lost Circle Revealed they once stood as they are now, but at a place called Waun Mawn in Pembrokeshire’s Preseli Hills. Archaelogists have searched for and successfully found the exact location, even down to a hole into which into which one particular stone once fitted so precisely that there can be no doubt it was indeed originally inserted at Waun Mawn.

I will not say more, but will definitely be watching the documentary as soon as its broadcast. Who’d have thought that Stonehenge had been dismantled in one place and then rebuilt in another! So , the wicked folk from east of the Wye were pinching treasures from Wales even that long ago! Well, maybe the king folk from west of the Wye gave them gladly, of course.

Whatever the truth, this new development is an astonishing new departure, in more ways than one.

As of today, 13th February, and for the next eleven months, the documentary can be seen on BBC iPlayer.


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